I’m sometimes asked if there’s a secret behind a beautiful photo. I don’t think it’s a gift, an art or that you need a good ‘eye’.
Personaly, I don’t know how to answer. Perhaps because photography has always been a passion and an evidence.
It’s also a human history.

By meeting another, capturing happy moments, the spontanious emotions, they’re all reasons which motivate me so that the most important moments of your existance, become the unique and unforgettable instants.

Why contact me ?
Because being a photographer/videographer cannot be improvised. And even less-so when it comes to photographing important events.

For 20 years, I’ve employed myself to fix and immortalise the moments that count for you. To do this, I pocess the necissary technological material to cover the occasion and to be capable, then to deliver what will be the most important collection of images related to the event.

Being discret and reserved, yet I remain to listen to your comments. Together we will define your goals because my objective is to, during the report and the photo sessions, remains to be yours : the one in capturing the emotions in the most stongest and most particular of moments in order to give you the essentiel.

As I’ve said, in contacting me, you’ll recieve the assurance in recieving the best and the most professional quality work and most of all, modern.

Do you want proof ?

Visit my website.
Sometimes, one photo or video can mean a thousand words.